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Issue Index » Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 3 (74) 2018

Media Law

JACEK SOBCZAK, KSENIA KAKAREKOPełny tekst artykułuJournalistic genre as a conditional determinant of a journalistic work. Selected legal aspects. Part V

New Media

KRZYSZTOF RYBIŃSKIEnglish version of the articlePolitical sentiment analysis of press freedom
KRZYSZTOF KOWALIKPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the article„Distribution of emotions” as a form of local govenment communication on An attempt to categorize the message in the context of public relations

Interactive Media

MAŁGORZATA LISOWSKA-MAGDZIARZPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleThe mediatized cultural experience in the realm of interactive media. The Electric eel culture

Media Abroad

ANITA CEGLIŃSKAPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleMedia accountability in the hands of the audience. Experiences from Sweden

Sponsoring and Marketing

JAROSŁAW KOŃCZAKPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleMissed communication by Polish business potential of the Olympic Winter Games in PyongChang. Research report

The Language of the Media

KLAUDIA CYMANOW-SOSINPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleHate speech – ethical framework of communication and subjective accountability towards the fighting words

Media History

MAREK JABŁONOWSKIPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleCreation of the Polish Association of Newspapers and Magazines in 1928 in the light of the Archives of Modern Records
KAMILA KAMIŃSKA-CHEŁMINIAKPełny tekst artykułuEnglish version of the articleAdam Ciołkosz and Radio Free Europe in the light of correspondence with Jan Nowak-Jeziorański

Reports from Conferences

MALWINA ŻUCHNIEWICZPełny tekst artykułuReport from XVII Congress of Public Relations Professionals „Image Crisis and Media”, Rzeszów, April 19–20, 2018
IZABELA M. BOGDANOWICZPełny tekst artykułuReport from National Scientific Conference „Research and Media Studies Perspectives. Media and Society – Problems and Challenges”, Wrocław, May 14–15, 2018
JACEK MIKUCKIPełny tekst artykułuReport from International Event Creative Cultures for Media Progression – An Unconference, Warsaw, June 13, 2018
ANITA CEGLIŃSKA, DAGMARA SIDYK, MARLENA SZTYBERPełny tekst artykułuReport from the Congress of the European Media Management Association – EMMA – „Media Management in the Age of Big Data and High-tech”, Warsaw, June 14–15, 2018
AGATA OPOLSKA-BIELAŃSKAPełny tekst artykułuReport from Conference „Social Accountability of Business – Management and Economic Perspective”, Szczecin, June 15–16, 2018
JACEK BARLIKPełny tekst artykułuReport from the 25th International Public Relations Research Symposium BledCom “World in Crisis. The Role of Public Relations”, Bled, Slovenia, July 5–7, 2018


GABRIELA DUDEK-WALIGÓRAPełny tekst artykułuInterlingual and intercultural contexts of contemporary public discourse ed. Alicja Pstyga, Urszula Patocka-Sigłowy
KRZYSZTOF WASILEWSKIPełny tekst artykułuIwona Dembowska-Wosik The image of Poland and Poles in the Chicago’s “Dziennik Związkowy”
RENATA PIASECKA-STRZELECPełny tekst artykułuTomasz Mielczarek Opinion weeklies in the changing reality